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Expectations and Discipline

Our school-wide expectations are...

Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Be Ready

Do it the Learning Way!
All families should sign up for Class Dojo. You will be able to view your child's dojo points, message the teacher, and see the class story of what is happening in class.
Class Dojo
Positive Dojo Points

Students will earn positive Class Dojo points for good behavior and going above and beyond.


Students can use Dojo Points they earn to purchase items and activities from the Dojo Den.


Negative Dojo Points

Students will earn negative points when they choose to not follow school or classroom expectations.


Each negative point will come with a consequence. The consequences are set by the Tier 1 planning committee and are the same for all K-3rd students and for 4th-5th students.



Nest Points

Every classroom is part of a nest. A nest is a group of classes that will participate together to earn points throughout the school year. Your class can only earn nest points as a whole group. Nest points will be placed in Class Dojo. Nest points cannot be taken away once they are earned.

These are the nest colors:

Blue - Bradshaw, Reynolds, Taylor, Barnett, Lewis, Horner

Yellow - Mitchell, Nokes, Gordon, Parsons, Woodall, Brothers

Red - Kearce, Willingham, Paris, Hintze, Scheidler

Green - Griffin, Wright, Leinard, Presley, Farley, Grissom

Orange - Gutierrez, Miller, James, Crabtree, Campbell, Sewak


Click HERE for current nest points