About Our School

About Our School

lweLearning Way Elementary was opened in August 2009, to serve grades K-5. We are an inclusive school-wide Title I school and utilize the School-wide Positive Behavior Support Program to provide a safe, nurturing, and orderly learning environment for our students. Please use our website to stay current on all of the exciting happenings at Learning Way!




Mission Statement: Learning Way Elementary strives to create a safe and happy school community where students and teachers experience personal and academic success. 

Vision Statement: Our vision is to create a K-5 school that is highly regarded for its academic excellence and for its contribution in actively serving and improving the community in which it operates. 


  • Instructional decisions are data driven and research based.
  • All students can learn and achieve academic success by participating in intervention and enrichment programs.
  • School is a positive and nurturing environment for students, parents, teachers, and staff.
  • All students will be successful because policies, procedures, and practices are designed to address student needs.
  • Communication with all stakeholders is necessary to maximize student success.
  • All stakeholders must collaborate to ensure sound decision making in the areas of academics, student achievement, and student experiences.
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